Physician Partners Ltd. is an integrated team of physicians and care providers working together as Bellin Health Partners to meet the health care needs of patients, families, businesses, and communities. We seek to differentiate ourselves with superior clinical care and an exceptional experience at every point of care at all times. The Bellin Health Partners team includes:

Physicians Partners Ltd. is a physician hospital organization (PHO) that was formed in 1999 to bring together the components needed to compete with vertically integrated systems. We offer a broad mix of primary, secondary, and tertiary care services most clearly organized by our brands: 1) Heart and Vascular; 2) Orthopedic and Sports Medicine; 3) Behavioral Health Services; 4) Invasive Clinical Services; 5) Oncology; 6) Family Programs & Services; and 7) Business Health Solutions. Each brand emphasizes the vision of optimal life-long health for patients.

Through this partnership we seek to deliver health care value to our local and regional health care market. Physician Partners Ltd.’ strategic objectives include clinical integration, regional connectivity, practice marketing and growth, and leadership development.

Our overall success is predicated on: